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"Mazie’s Amazing Machines" brings the fun of engineering to kids

Educator Sheryl Haft is bringing the fun of engineering to young readers with her picture book “Mazie’s Amazing Machines.”  The book was inspired by Haft’s childhood memories of tinkering with her sibling and father.  Now Haft, author of “I Love You, Blankie,” “Baby Boo, I Love You,” and “Goodnight Bubbala” has come up with her best creation yet—Mazie McGear, a science-loving little girl who explores the engineering process from problem to ideation, creation, and finally execution.  Award-winning artist Jeremy Holmes brings Mazie to life with engaging spreads and a pop-up finale.

Readers will fall in love with Mazie as she invents clever machines to assist her family.  “Let’s engineer,” she says as she creates the “Food-O-Matic” for her dog, Doodle; the “Roly-Ramp” to help her mom lift heavy boxes; and the “Teeter Lever” to make it easier for her brother to shoot hoops.  But when things go awry and Doodle accidentally gets catapulted up to the roof, Mazie and her family create their largest contraption yet, the “Pulley Power Save Our Dog Tower.”

It’s a perfect read-aloud in school or at home with an engaging story and plenty of fun sound words like “jump thump,” “crinkle sprinkle,” “rumble tumble,” “think blink,” and “ribble scribble.”  It features a glossary defining each of the simple machines used in the book.  Readers can scan the QR code on the book and interact with Mazie via augmented reality 3-D.  “Mazie’s Amazing Machines” encourages a positive, action-oriented approach to problem-solving that can empower young readers to imagine what other problems in their lives –and in the world--they can solve.

“Mazie’s Amazing Machines” (Nancy Paulsen Books) will be on sale September 12, 2023.