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Music lessons at the Fine Arts Association

The act of making music simultaneously engages more areas of the brain than any other human activity.  When Albert Einstein was a patent clerk solving the many mysteries of the universe, he would occasionally get stuck.  In those moments, he picked up his violin and played Mozart.  Then: relativity. 

Study upon study show a direct connection between music making and higher performance in school.  Plus, making music makes you happy.  And, that’s to say nothing of the music itself!

Led by an incomparable teaching faculty, the Fine Arts Association in Willoughby is proud to offer the region’s best in private music instruction.  Whether a young child learning piano or violin, school-aged youth supplementing their school band, orchestra, or choir program, or an adult pursuing a passion, FAA has opportunities for everyone.  Come, make music with them today.  

Visit or call  440-951-7500 to learn more.