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Ohio’s Center for Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery

By Deanna R. Adams

Having any type of surgery is always a bit intimidating, even scary.  That’s why a trusted surgeon—and a calm, friendly atmosphere to ease your fears—is as important as the surgery itself. 

When it comes to procedures of the face and mouth, Dr. Keith M. Schneider, DMD, not only has the experience as an oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist and periodontal surgeon, but grew up with the business. 

“My father, Dr. E. Karl Schneider, began his oral and maxillofacial surgery practice in 1975 in Willoughby before moving into the Mentor area in 1981,” he says.  “I’ve been running the practices now since 2012 and am happy to be working alongside Dr. Donald P. Lewis, Dr. Jill M. Weber, and Dr. Nishant Joshi.”  

With three offices in Mentor, Highland Heights, and Bainbridge, Ohio’s Center for Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery offers myriad services that include dentofacial anomalies, facial reconstruction, abscess or cyst drainage or aspiration.  They also address cracked teeth, dental bridges and veneers, along with more common procedures such as the removal of wisdom teeth, and the placement of dental implants. “Wisdom teeth are most commonly removed between the ages of 16-30,” says Dr. Schneider.  “There is a high risk of issues that arise later in life if they’re left in place.”  

He adds that dental implants are most often placed in those between the ages of 30 and 80 and the practice provides a range of options that include replacement of individual teeth to full mouth replacements. Patients may get their teeth replaced in one day.  “We can care for patients of all ages, from age 1 to over 100,” he says.

Aside from these services, Ohio’s Center for Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery provide adjunctive procedures for pediatric and orthodontic colleagues.  This includes removal of baby teeth, impacted canine teeth, and removal of teeth for crowding, as well as working with root canal specialists when teeth cannot be saved.  The practice is on staff at eight medical centers: Hillcrest Hospital, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Beachwood Medical Center, Ahuja Medical Center, Geauga Medical Center, West Medical Center, and TriPoint Medical Center.  This includes adult and pediatric treatment centers. 

For those interested in esthetic procedures, they will perform facial surgeries to correct small or misaligned jaws, the placement of facial implants, as well as facial fillers and Botox. 

“We want patients to feel comfortable in our care, from the first staff member they encounter, all the way to recovery,” says Dr. Schneider.  “We take time to ensure a proper diagnosis and that the treatment being performed is necessary.  We provide a full range of anesthesia options to ensure that the procedures are comfortable and painless.”  

Patients are provided comfortable blankets and even get to choose what music they’d like to hear through the procedure.

When it comes to medical and dental benefits, there are treatment coordinators to help patients with a clear financial plan.  “People deserve to know what to expect and be able make plans for a smooth procedure throughout.  That includes recovery because postoperative expectations are just as important.”

There is a 24-hour call service for those wishing to discuss and evaluate any concerns.  A telehealth service is also available for those who are unable to make an office visit. In addition, they arrange same-day surgical appointments, when possible, allowing for other family and work schedules.  

“From the moment a patient walks through our doors, we want to provide them with the best care, and comfort for patients who are anxious of whatever procedure they’re having,” Dr. Schneider says.  “And we’re always accepting new patients to treat the needs of both adults and children.”

Dr. Keith M. Schneider's office is located at 7207 Hopkins Road in Mentor.  Visit their website, or call 440-255-3700 (Mentor), 440-771-7070 (Highland Heights), or 440-708-7080 (Bainbridge) to book a consultation.