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Fun Valentine's Day parties for kids – at school or home

By Kimberly Blaker

Whether you're helping with your child's Valentine's Day party at school or planning one at home, there are so many fun, creative ways to keep kids busy and make their party a blast. Try some of these ideas kids are sure to love.


Heart suncatcher. Lay a sheet of wax paper in front of each child. Then have the kids cut red, pink, and white tissue paper into squares or other shapes.  Next, lay a tissue square on the wax paper and brush it with liquid starch.  Continue by overlapping the pieces of tissue to create an 8" x 8" collage.  When the collage is dry, carefully peel the tissue away from the wax paper.  Cut the collage into a big heart.  Then put a single hole punch in the heart, and thread a piece of yarn or ribbon through it to hang it.

Heart structures. Provide each child a supply of gummy hearts or gum drops and toothpicks, and let their creativity take over.  They can build a house, sphere, rocket, airplane, or whatever their imagination desires. (Pictured.)

Finger paint Valentine. Fold a piece of paper in half, and cut out a large heart.  Next, place the paper with the big heart-shaped hole on top of another piece of paper.  Dip a thumb or finger into the paint, and make a finger impression within the heart-shaped area.  Alternate colors and fingers until the whole area is filled with colorful fingerprints.  When done, remove the top sheet, and you'll have a colorful heart image underneath.

Valentine candle holder.  Give each child a glass jar.  Have them start by cutting red, white, and pink tissue paper into small hearts or other shapes.  Using a mixture of one part flour to two parts water and a paintbrush, paste the tissue shapes onto the jar overlapping each other until the jar is completely covered.


Musical hearts. This game is played similar to musical chairs.  Cut out enough hearts for the number of players.  On each heart, write an action such as “rub your belly,” “dance,” and “pretend you're an elephant.” When the music stops, everyone must act out the heart they landed on.

Pin the heart on the Tin Man. Draw the Tin Man on a large sheet of poster board, then cut it out. Have each kid cut out a heart from construction paper.  Then blindfold and spin each child around, and have them try to place the heart on the Tin Man's chest.

Candy heart bingo.  Buy a Valentine's Day bingo game available through many online retailers.  Then use candy hearts for the markers.

Valentine's Day word find. Have each kid write 'Valentine's Day Cupid' on a sheet of paper.  Then have them write down as many words as they can make from it.  Offer prizes for the most words, longest word, and the most rhyming words.


What would Valentine's Day be without a special Valentine's story or two?  Read aloud to younger kids.  If they're readers, have each kid take a turn reading a page.

“Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown” by Charles M. Schulz, Ages 5–7
“Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine” Herman Parish and Lynne Avril, Ages 4–8
“Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine”  by Barbara Park & Denise Brunkas, Ages 6–9
“Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger!” by Becky Friedman and Jason Fruchter, Ages 3–7
“Thomas in Town: Valentine's Day in Vicarstown” by Rev. W. Awdry, Ages 3–7
“Dumpy's Valentine” by Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton, Ages 4–7
“Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse” by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond, Ages 4-8
“Ruby Valentine and the Sweet Surprise” by Laurie B. Friedman and Lynne Avril, Ages 5-9