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Father’s Day weekend at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

“Seas” an opportunity to show your appreciation for loved ones while sharing an appreciation for the natural world at Greater Cleveland Aquarium.  Parenting-themed trivia, extended hours and discounts for dads/stepdads/foster dads/grandpas on Father’s Day weekend (Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16, 2024, 9 am–6 pm) let you “shell-abrate” special caregivers.  Visiting moms and dads also receive a “fin”tastic parent pin they can sport on their respective weekends while supplies last.    

“Whether you’re counting the suckers on an octopus arm, admiring the shimmer of schooling silver dollars, looking up into the toothy grin of a sandtiger, being splashed by a stingray or tracing the contours of a tiger cowrie shell, an Aquarium visit is a memorable experience generations can share,” says GM Stephanie White. 

While family is something humans cherish, White notes that parenting looks quite a bit different for many animals.  “A great deal of effort can go into finding a mate, building a nest or keeping predators at bay, but that’s where nurturing ends for the majority of fish, reptiles and amphibians,” explains White.  For example, newborn green tree pythons, sharks and weedy seadragons are left to fend for themselves.  Some cichlids, gobies and guppies will snack on their own progeny as a source of nutrition.  And cuckoo catfish dodge parental responsibilities altogether by tricking other species into caring for their eggs.  

Father’s Day weekend activities are included with general admission ($0–$19.95 per person).  Visiting dads save $5 at the ticket counter for in-person adult admission with the purchase of another adult or child ticket on June 15 and 16.* 

Greater Cleveland Aquarium is also offering everyone the opportunity to swap the more traditional mugs, ties, and wallets for the gift of a year’s worth of undersea adventures with a 10% discount on any level Greater Cleveland Aquarium annual pass on June 15 and 16 (with code 10DAD2024).  In addition to unlimited daily return admission for the family, membership perks include free parking while visiting, exclusive programming, discounted and free events, birthday party and gift shop savings and more. 

Families are also invited to follow @CLEAquarium on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) in the days leading up to the holiday weekends.  “We’ll share facts about animal parenting and cards kids can make at home using everyday items,” says White. 

Located in the Flats West Bank, 2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, OH 44113.  Call 216-862-8803 or visit

*Cannot be combined with other offers.