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Meaningful summer fun for kids and adults

Presented by Cleveland, nonprofit organization, Values-in-Action Foundation, the Kindland movement is bringing together communities, businesses, organizations, and schools by recognizing and sharing the acts of kindness around us to inspire a ground swell of positivity and goodness.

Kindland’s “Summer of Kindness Challenge” provides families and individuals with a variety of positive activities – big and small - to do throughout the summer months with the goal to make northeast Ohio the kindest place in the nation.  The Kindland movement relies on the power of the people to do, recognize, report, and share the acts of kindness happening around us every day.

For each act of kindness completed on the challenge board, participants will receive an entry into the Summer of Kindness prize raffle. Completed challenge boards must be received by Friday, August 16, 2024 per the submission instructions on the board.  Print off your challenge board at

About Values-in-Action
Started in 1994 as Project Love, Values-in-Action has been providing social-emotional and character education programs to schools in northeast Ohio for 30 years.  Through student workshops and seminars, the organization has trained over 1,300,000 students and 5,300 educators to lead with kindness, caring and respect.