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St. Anselm School

13013 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland, OH 44026

The greatest gifts parents can give their children are faith and a quality education. And when you can combine those two, you have found a treasure.

Saint Anselm School in Chesterland is small by design, and being small makes it possible for them to know the students, recognize and affirm their unique gifts, and challenge them to seek excellence in all they do. Their close-knit environment allows them to blossom and grow in a community—a community of faith. Their understanding of the world includes outreach to the poor, service to the elderly, and respect for the differences that make us stronger.

Students will find enrichment classes of STEM, Destination Imagination, robotics, and more. They will explore the worlds of art, music, great books in literature as well as tackle the demands of life-long physical fitness and competitive sports.

The students will apply real world problems in math and science, and seek to understand the issues of today by exploring our history.

Being small by design may be the treasure that best fits your family.