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Ruffing Montessori School

3380 Fairmount Boulevard
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

From the moment you walk into Ruffing Montessori School, the difference is palpable. In our early childhood classrooms, you will hear the cheerful voices of children gathered around the Spanish teacher, en Español, of course. Close by, a young child focuses intently on skip-counting by fours on a long 100-bead chain set out on the floor. Yet another group of children may be planting bulbs in the garden just outside their classroom, or kneading dough that will be baked inside the classroom.

In the Elementary and Middle School, students learn collaboration and creative problem solving, in addition to the rigorous core curriculum subjects. Most notable is how a Ruffing education prepares young minds to shape our changing world. Intrigued? We invite you to learn more by contacting our Admissions Office at 216-321-7571, and visit for upcoming Admission Events or to schedule a personal tour or virtual call.