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Hershey Montessori School (Concord Campus – Ages Birth to 12 Years)

10229 Prouty Road
Concord, OH 44077

At Hershey, classrooms are called “communities” where students work in multi-age groups so they can learn from and interact with others of diverse ages and interests. These programs include the Parent-Infant Program (2 months to walking), the Young Child Community (walking to 36 months), Children’s House (3 to 6 ½ years), Elementary (6 to 12 years) and Adolescent Community (12 to 18 years).

Students are given blocks of uninterrupted time to figure out a problem, or to ask questions of their teachers, or share their passion for a subject with another student. They work and learn at their own pace and make choices regarding which activities they want to take part in. When children are given a choice, they are already naturally engaged and interested, so they are never bored. 

For more information, call Lakisha Wingard, director of admissions, at (440) 357-0918 or visit

About Hershey Montessori Established in 1978, Hershey Montessori School has grown to serve nearly 300 students on two campuses. It is one of the first schools in the world to offer a complete continuum of Montessori education that most closely replicates Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision, including the option of a residential program for adolescents on a working farm.

The Huntsburg Campus was opened in 2000 on 97 beautiful acres and is the home of their middle school (ages 12–15) and upper school (ages 15–18) adolescent community. The campus has a working farm, bioshelter, environmentally-conscious classrooms and residential buildings.

The Concord Campus includes their AMI programs for children from birth to age 12 in their Parent-Infant, Young Child, Children’s House and Elementary Communities and sits on 13 acres of lush woods and trails.