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Laurel School (Lyman Campus)

Laurel School, founded in 1896, is a nationally recognized college preparatory, independent day school for girls, kindergarten through grade 12, with a coeducational pre-primary. Laurel students come from 74 communities in northeast Ohio. Its traditional Lyman Campus is in Shaker Heights and its 140-acre Butler Campus is in Russell Township. The Butler Campus is home to competitive athletics and outdoor experiential learning, including northeast Ohio’s only outdoor pre-primary School.

Laurel’s Center for Research on Girls (LCRG) was established in 2007, drawing on the school’s long history as a site of pioneering research on girls. LCRG conducts and sponsors original research on girls, harnesses existing research to shape the day-to-day education of girls and connects parents and teachers with research findings relevant to raising and educating girls.

Save the dates! All-school open house on October 16 and the pre-primary and primary schools open house on January 7. Visit