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Special two-day event at the Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes Science Center couldn't be more "eggcited" to bring back Eggsperiment - a fan favorite event to welcome back spring and celebrate the amazing structure of the egg! Eggsperiment runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31.

Guests of all ages will discover if it's possible to stand on a carton of eggs without cracking any, test their balance on an egg race obstacle course, explore the science behind sound, and build a contraption to protect their egg from a 62-foot fall in the Humpty Dumpty Plunge.

Eggsperiment Activities:
Science Spectacular EGGstravaganza
Watch in wonder while we explore the amazing structure of the egg! Is it really possible to stand on a carton of eggs without cracking any? Do you need super-human strength to squeeze an egg until it breaks? Why are eggs egg-shaped? Find out during this eggcellent eggsperience!

Humpty Dumpty Plunge
Gather your family and friends to design and engineer the perfect contraption to protect a delicate egg from a 62-foot drop. Did your egg survive? Which design works the best?

Egg Race Obstacle Course
How good is your balance? Test your skills on our obstacle course holding a fragile object on a spoon. Challenge yourself and try it again going faster. Did increasing your speed change the outcome?

Sounds of Spring
Spring into science and explore the science behind sound as you explore frequency or make music using colorful play dough.

Build It! Bonanza
Spring Edition Use your imagination and create your own LEGO brick masterpiece inspired by the season. Create a mosaic or 3-D masterpiece and leave it in our Hall of Fame, or take it apart, try again and build something new.

Explore shapes, colors and elasticity as you try to blow a square or egg-shaped bubble. Does your bubble float or sink? What colors do you see? Find out the science behind bubbles in this fun activity.

Kite Flyer
Some things go up and others come down. Use recycled materials to make a kite that can hover in a column of air. Did it sink or did it float? Try another design and make your own hypothesis as to why some materials sink and others float.

Date & Time

March 30, 2018

10:00AM - 5:00PM

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Free with general admission.

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