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In This Issue - April 2022 Lake Geauga


The world may seem like a chaotic place right now, but actually, it always has been and probably always will be. 

Each generation somehow seems to think that current-day situations are worse than when they were young. But looking back, every generation has had its share of turmoil, uncertainty and challenges to overcome.  And every generation seems to say, "I wouldn't want to raise a child in the current world."  But somehow, we keep moving forward, generation after generation. 

We'd like to think it's because most people are good and lots of good happens in our collective lives on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the bad stuff dominates the headlines and we sometimes forget all the good that exists.  Here's to focusing on the good!

With that said, our April issue is now here!  Read about the good that Red Treehouse is doing to help local families dealing with illnesses and learn how to empower your daughter to be safe and strong, In addition, there are tips for finding a preschool with a listing of local schools, summer camps, news, fun things to do, product info and more.

Thanks for reading and have a great April!

Dan and Kim Miller
Owners, Today's Family Magazine