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Reach new heights at the Cleveland Rock Gym

Challenging top rope and boulder walls for all ages!

Roller skating combines fitness and fun

If you’re looking for a fantastic aerobic exercise for the whole family that can relieve tension, improve balance and flexibility, look no further than your local roller rink.

Five animals not to miss at the Zoo this winter

One of the best places to see animals enjoying the colder weather is Wilderness Trek, home to bears, seals and sea lions, and tigers. Here are five animals to be on the lookout for this season:

Keep those home fires burning safely with these helpful tips

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that the leading factor contributing to home heating fires is failure to clean chimneys of wood stoves and fireplaces.

Personalized gifts kids can make and give

As holidays and birthdays approach, are your kids scrounging to buy gifts they can hardly afford? Offer them these fun ideas for gifts from the heart.

Understanding eating disorders among kids

Early intervention is key to successful treatment, but these life-threatening psychiatric conditions aren’t always immediately obvious or associated with weight loss.

LCBDD program helps adults with autism to reach their potential

This past year, the program's first 13 adults have become more involved in their communities, learned new skills and overcame obstacles with the support of family, friends and LCBDD staff.

Is your child ready to stay home alone?

Children must have the skills and maturity to handle being on their own safely. There is no magical age, but kids who are ready show the following signs...

Holiday family feud? Not this year!

Some of the happiest times in our lives – like weddings and birthdays – are shared with extended family members. But during the holiday season, the closest families can experience friction.

Take a cue from your younger self and enjoy each holiday moment

As a child, December was one of my favorite times of the year. Instead of checklists of gifts to buy and cards to send and chores to complete, I enjoyed the season, moment by moment.

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