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Today's Family Magazine

In This Issue - August/September 2020 Lake & Geauga


Well, this has certainly been an interesting year so far!  Like us, we are sure you can hardly wait for the day we never have to hear the term "COVID-19" ever again and can go out freely in public with no masks.

But until then, we must all make the best of it and do our part to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. And that is what many local businesses and organizations are doing so you and your family can still partake in fun activities and get out of the the house once in awhile to end this streak of Groundhog Days!  (If you haven't seen the movie, it is basically about each day being nearly the exact same as the day before.)

Today's Family took a short break this summer from print issues but are now back with new bimonthly editions to let you know what is happening in and around Lake and Geauga counties.

School will be back in session soon and regardless of what form that takes, this a great time to make sure your child's teeth are clean and healthy.  Dr. Laura Westover's Polar Pediatric Dental Care in Mentor is accepting new patients. Give them a call today!

If you have been thinking about foster parenting, but aren't sure of what it is involved, then you will want to read our interview with the Lake County Department of Job and Family Services.

This edition also features lots of news from local businesses and organizations.  Be sure to check out their info and if you call or visit them, please let them know you heard about them in Today's Family.

We will be back in a couple of months with our October/November issue and be sure to check our website for weekly updates and additions.

Take care and be safe!

Dan and Kim Miller
Owners/Publishers, Today's Family