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When school lets out, the Summer Food Service Program steps in

While many children receive food assistance during the school year, many don't realize that these children can be left hungry come summer months.

Get closer to Ohio nature than ever before at the Perkins Wildlife Center

Walk along a winding, elevated walkway above a canopy of beech and oak trees to observe animals in their natural habitats or walk below the waterline to see fish, turtles and frogs.

Choosing the best pet for your family

Before surprising your children with a new pet this year, consider your family's lifestyle, finances and personality to decide what pet's right for you.

Children’s grief support camps provide support and healing in natural settings

One of the lesser known community services offered by Hospice of the Western Reserve’s bereavement center is a series of children’s grief support summer camps and family days.

Seven-year-old girl helps others to color a rainbow

Raises money to provide crayons to children in the hospital

Aikido teaches self-defense and builds confidence for children and adults

Founded as a Japanese self-defense form, Aikido does not hold competitions or award trophies; instead it focuses on inner strength being more important than physical strength.

Preventing birth defects

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant or already expecting, you can prevent birth defects with smart screening and healthy habits.

School program fosters unique business ideas from local students

Greg Malkin of the Young Entrepreneur Institute believes every child should experience entrepreneurship so they can be better prepared to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

Children and finances

Many parents are uncomfortable talking about money with their kids due to a level of discomfort with the subject. Here are a few tips for teaching financial education to youth of all ages.

Parenting during adolescence

Columnist Stacy Turner shares her experience when her daughter morphed from a fun-loving, caring child into a moody, sulking teen.

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