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Seven-year-old girl helps others to color a rainbow

Raises money to provide crayons to children in the hospital

Choosing the best pet for your family

Before surprising your children with a new pet this year, consider your family's lifestyle, finances and personality to decide what pet's right for you.

Diversifying the plate of a picky eater

Picky eating isn't uncommon among youngsters, but that doesn't make the issue any less frustrating for parents. Here are some ways to make healthy foods attractive to a selective child.

Baby Box can held reduce risk of sudden infant death

Ohio launches Baby Box program to improve state’s ranking as 43 out of 50 for highest infant deaths in the nation. Expecting mothers who complete online education get a free Baby Box.

Gross Schechter Day School presents Shalom Baby, a free six-week series for expectant parents

A series for families in the Jewish community, providing information about topics relevant for new parents, fantastic giveaways and an opportunity to connect with other expectant couples.

10 ways to stop micromanaging your kids’ goals

There is a difference between supporting a child’s efforts to reach goals and taking control of the results we deem the best possible outcomes. Here are 10 ways to detach!

Boot Camp for New Dads

Every month, MetroHealth and the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative collaborate to host a three-hour course to help new dads adjust to life with a baby.

Winter driving tips everyone should know

Driving in winter’s snowy and icy conditions isn’t so bad as long as you take your time, watch out for other drivers and arm yourself and your family members with these helpful tips.

Mentor teen is already an accomplished artist

High school student, Nick Beebe, has works displayed at local galleries

Keep those home fires burning safely with these helpful tips

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that the leading factor contributing to home heating fires is failure to clean chimneys of wood stoves and fireplaces.