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Speech pathologist helps children enhance social skills and build friendships

Nicole Gerami, a speech pathologist with a masters in pathology, specializes in helping children with a wide range of delays, both on an individual basis, and in groups.

Women and ADD: The Hidden Disability

ADD affects between three and five percent of the population. However, adult ADD, especially as it appears in women, often goes unrecognized.

Engaging the daydreamer

While many dreamers are creative and bright children, they may have trouble getting work done at school, struggle with paying attention to the teacher, and can get pegged as slackers.

A healthy approach to sending your kids back to school

Here are some tips to help make your job a little easier in giving your kids a healthy start for the new school year.

Biking safety for the whole family!

Tips from Corsaro Insurance Group

Tips and recommendations for a safe and healthy camp experience

Now that you’ve decided where your children will be attending camp this summer, it’s time to think about how best to prepare them for a fun, healthy and safe experience away from home.

Abuse/addiction trainings offered for grandparents

The Lake County ADAMHS Board and the Lake County Opiate Task Force are offering free training programs to make grandparents more aware of strategies they can use to help their grandchildren.

Aikido teaches self-defense and builds confidence for children and adults

Founded as a Japanese self-defense form, Aikido does not hold competitions or award trophies; instead it focuses on inner strength being more important than physical strength.

Preventing birth defects

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant or already expecting, you can prevent birth defects with smart screening and healthy habits.

Coping when your child has an ‘invisible’ disability

If your child has challenges nobody can see on the outside, you know that at any moment, they may break into a temper tantrum and that you will likely get judgmental stares and comments.