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Preparing your babies for college

Thinking about sending your kids to college can be stressful, scary, happy and sad. But parents can find support, resources and expert advice from Getting Our Babies to College 101.

Seven tips to prevent identity theft

Are you doing all that you can to protect your information?

International Women’s Air & Space Museum offers unique educational experience

Located inside Burke Lakefront Airport, you’ll find exhibits on Amelia Earhart, Harriet Quimby, Bessie Coleman (the first African American pilot) the women of WWII, rocket girls and more.

All City Candy has unique candies and hand-dipped chocolate treats to delight all

In addition to offering the most popular modern candy brands, you can find nostalgic candy, ranging from popular items before the 1920s to the 1950s.

Sneaky ways to get kids to eat vegetables

It's recommended that kids eat three servings of veggies per day. This may seem like quite a feat, especially if your child has declared chicken nuggets to be their main source of nutrition.

Why social media behavior matters

Children today spend more time online than they do in school or with their parents so it's vital to teach them how to be wise, competent and empowered users of technology.

Local kids support a worthy cause

From fundraising to volunteering, these caring youth are working hard to support The Gathering Place, a a nonprofit, community-based cancer support center.

Why you should consider hosting an exchange student

Here are 10 reasons why hosting an exchange student is full of opportunity and rich rewards.

It’s Halloween -- What will your child be?

Today's Family columnist, Stacy Turner, shares her thoughts on her yearly quest to find the perfect costume for her girls for Halloween.

Four generations of the Schmidt family share artistic expression

The fourth generation of the Schmidt family has begun creating art at the Waterloo 7 Studio and Gallery. Nine-year-old Nate has joined his uncle and grandfather in crafting metal art sculptures.

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